Inside Great Britain's Smallest House

THAT'S ODD, UK August 01, 2016

Great Britain's smallest house is a 3.8 metre long and 1.8 metre wide cottage on the quay in Conwy, North Wales. I decided to brave the queues, pictured below and take a peak inside. It's worth mentioning that, whilst the queu...



Skin Cancer Rises in UK Compared to Sun-Shy China

CHINA , UK July 01, 2016

Skin cancer in the UK is quickly on the rise down to cheap package holidays.  More than 10-thousand people over 55 have been diagnosed with the most dangerous type of skin cancer in a single year. That's according to n...



Baby born from 18 year old embryo in China

CHINA , UK June 30, 2016

A baby in China has been born from an embryo frozen 18 years ago. According to China Daily, after suffering from blocked fallopian tubes, the 45 year old mother tried for several years to fall pregnant.  18 years later, a ...



David Beckham promotes football in China after England defeat

CHINA , UK June 29, 2016

Untarnished by England's abysmal performance in the Euro's on Monday, David Beckham is currently visiting China to promote football in the country.  He stopped by Zhixin High School in Guangzhou city, south China's Guan...



BA Air Hostess 'made to feel like a prostitute' by dress code

UK, EAST MEETS WEST June 29, 2016

An air hostess for British Airways was made to feel like a 'prostitute' when she was asked by the company to wear heels and make up.  An inquiry into dress codes at work is currently underway in parliament, where Ruth Champi...


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