Man Regrets £110k Number Plate for £3k Truck

THAT'S ODD, CHINA June 29, 2016

A Chinese man has ended-up regretting his purchase of a £113,000 lucky number plate for his £3,000 truck. The Daily Telegraph cites Chinese media, who name the man as Mr Zhou. He apparently purchased a plate reading ...



Huawei Invests £1.3 Billion Despite Brexit

BUSINESS, CHINA , UK June 29, 2016

Chinese tech giant, Huawei plans to invest in the UK despite the reason decision to leave the European Union.  The UEFA Euro sponsor is pledging a £1.3 billion investment, which hopes to create 500 jobs in the country,...



China photo of the day: Extreme Yoga Day

CHINA June 29, 2016

More than 100 daring yoga enthusiasts took part in a special session at the Stone Forest Gorge in honour of International Yoga Day on June 21. Suspended 700 metres in the air and hanging more than 32 metres off the face of a cliff...



China Pledges to Help Rwandan Children

CHINA , EDUCATION June 28, 2016

The Chinese Embassy in Rwanda has pledged to support children in the country.  Plans are to provide 108 kids with educational support such as fees, school supplies and health insurance.  According to charity Save the C...



China-Britain Film Festival Comes to London

CHINA , UK, SHOWBIZ June 28, 2016

The China-Britain Film Festival is currently underway in London.  The event aims to boost ties between the Chinese and British film industries by showcasing a catalogue of exciting and diverse China-related films.  The...


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