This is China - in Rap


A rap video, which seeks to tell the truth about China to foreigners, has taken Weibo by storm.

BBC news reports that 'This is China' was recorded by the Communist Youth league, and has so far attracted over 40,000 shares.

The video features stunning footage of the Country alongside the rap, which gives an honest appraisal of life in China.

It tackles lots of current issues for Chinese citizens, like pollution:

''It is true that pollution is severe at the present stage - in big cities like Beijing, Tianjin, always pollution, haze - Similar to 1950s, London, LA, it's painful with higher growth rate, you see...''

And delivers a powerful, positive message for the future:

''We can make a better world, as we love peace and harmony.''

It also has a very catchy chorus:

''This is China, we love the Country, we the Chi-phenomena - The red dragon ain't no evil, but a peaceful place,

The beautiful land with rich culture remain.''

You can view the video here (external content).

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