Skin Cancer Rises in UK Compared to Sun-Shy China


Skin cancer in the UK is quickly on the rise down to cheap package holidays. 

More than 10-thousand people over 55 have been diagnosed with the most dangerous type of skin cancer in a single year.

That's according to new figures from Cancer Research, showing rates of melanoma in that age group have more than doubled in the last two decades.

The increase is being linked to the so-called 'sun, sea and sangria' generation who enjoyed cheap package holidays from the 1960s onwards.

Those in China, contrastingly, tend to favour a pale pallor and shelter from the sun almost constantly. Because of this, the country has one of the lowest reported cases of Melanoma in the World. 

A study by U.S. National Library of Medicine on Cancer comparisons between China and the U.S, showed melanoma in the U.S. for males was 54 times and females, 64 times higher greater than in China. 

Despite the fact that white skin has been highly prized in China since its early history, a market for suncare is only in it's infancy. According to market research, the suncare market in China is set to double by 2018 with global beauty giants jumping on the bandwagon. And with a population of 1.3 billion, the suncare market could be set for stratospheric highs. 

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