Passenger Drone cleared for Testing


A Chinese firm who developed the world's first passenger drone capable of carrying a person for 23 minutes in the air, has been granted clearance for testing in the U.S. Ehang unveiled the electric 'Ehang 184' passenger drone in Vegas this year, has partnered with the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (Goed) to put the drone through testing and regulatory approval. It's hoped the tests will lead to commercial success, according to the founder and chief executive of Ehang, Huazhi Hu:

Partnering with GOED and NIAS is a big step for EHang 184 to move forward to government regulatory approval of the unprecedented innovation in US and globally, which will lay the foundation for its commercialization and building up the aerial transportation ecosystem in the future.

The company is based in the Guangzhou province of southern China. They already make camera and hobby style drones, but its passenger drone could be the first of its kind, transporting a person through the air much like Google's self driving car works on the road.  

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