Inside Great Britain's Smallest House


Great Britain's smallest house is a 3.8 metre long and 1.8 metre wide cottage on the quay in Conwy, North Wales.

I decided to brave the queues, pictured below and take a peak inside.

It's worth mentioning that, whilst the queue doesn't look that big, it still took twenty minutes to get inside. That's because the house is so small, only one family can enter at a time.

Luckily, I had the beautiful view of Conwy's quayside to enjoy whilst waiting.

This picture gives a real idea of how small the house is from the outside:

When inside the front door, the only downstairs room is incredibly small. This photo shows the whole length of the room:

There's a bench and a hob, and a tiny opening in the roof with a ladder:

The opening is so small to the upstairs level that I could only just get through. Upstairs, there's room for a bed and... nothing else!

The house was built in the 16th Century, and was inhabited until 1900. Unbelievably, the last resident of the house was 6ft 3inches tall - despite the fact that the entire height of the dwelling, across both floors, is just 10ft 2inches!

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