Chinese Food Unhealthy? Think Again


Reckon Chinese food is all sticky sweet and sour pork balls and calorie laden hoisin duck? Well think again because food entrepreneurs in China are thriving in the healthy food industry. An increasing number of restaurant chains that serve health foods that are fresh and creative are springing up. Element Fresh, one of China's leading restaurant chains for health food, was set up in 2004 in Shanghai, which focuses on sandwiches, salads and fresh juices. And business is booming. The chain, co-founded by Scott Minoie and George Wang and managed by Frank Rasche, has been growing bigger and bigger in the past decade amid a rising awareness of the role of food in maintaining good health. Although the restaurant chain was initially mostly frequented by foreigners, currently three quarters of its customers are Chinese. The company currently has 32 restaurants, including an outlet recently inaugurated at the Shanghai Disney Resort. Additionally, the opening of a new location in Wuhan, Hubei province, later this year will increase the group's presence to 10 cities in China.  

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