Chinese Drone Company on the Up


 A company based in Shenzen, China is being hailed as the 'apple of drones' for putting recreational drone-flying on the map. 

Though the UK may not have fully jumped on the drone train just yet, it is thought that, as the market rapidly grows across the world, we’ll be seeing a lot more of them. 

The company responsible for the surge in sales is Da-Jiang Innovations, a mid size enterprise dominating 70% of the consumer drone industry. 

This year, Da-Jiang Innovations were valued at a whopping £6 billion, solidifying its place as the world's leader in camera drones and aerial photography systems. 

Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) is not without it's competitors, with many smaller companies nipping at its heels. The French drone maker Parrot and other Chinese firms — Yuneec, EHang — are already threatening the company's market share. 

DJI's star product, the Phantom quadcopter, retails at £500 whereas Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi released its own drone, the “Mi Drone,” which sells for £350. The industry is rife with cheap imitations of DJI's innovations, so how is the company hoping to remain at the forefront of it's game?

By entering lucrative markets such as science, agriculture, search and rescue and surveillance - the hope is the company will become a catchword for serious business investment.

In the LA Times, CEO Frank Wang noted a drone is “a node in three dimensions that can send and receive information,” he added.

“So the drone is applicable in any situation where gathering that information is either too time-consuming, costly or dangerous. When you think of it in those terms, things start to open up.”

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