China urges restraint over North Korea missile test


China reaffirmed its opposition to North Korea's missile test on Monday and called for all parties to maintain restraint on the issue ahead of an emergency United Nations meeting in New York. 

"Under current circumstances, relevant sides should not provoke each other or take actions that would escalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula," Geng Shuang, spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry, said during today's routine press conference.

He added that joint efforts should be made to maintain the region's peace and stability, Huanqiu News reported. 

CNN has quoted a US official as saying that the North Korean missile was launched from the North Pyongan province and travelled 500 kilometres before falling into the East Sea.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Japan's chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga told domestic media that North Korea's ability to place a miniaturised nuclear weapon on a missile has risen as a result of the test.

News of the missile test broke on Sunday night after North Korea released photographs of supreme leader Kim Jong-un inspecting the site, fuelling growing worries of the country's nuclear capabilities. 

US President Donald Trump has been consistently vocal on the topic, taking to Twitter in January to say that Pyongyang's development of a nuclear weapon "won't happen".

However, The New York Times reports today that Trump responded with what it described as "uncharacteristic restraint", in the form of a 23-word statement that pledged support to Tokyo without mentioning North Korea.

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