China looks to UK for Cheap Holidays following Brexit


People in China are travelling to Britain on the premise holidaying here is more affordable. 

Following Britain's exit from the European Union the pound has dropped in worth, which to some means cheaper breaks. 

Reported in China Daily today, one traveller has changed her initial plans from visiting Italy and France in favour of the UK following the vote:

"Now it seems a better idea to travel to England," Wen, a university official, said Wen Zhihong from Chengdu. "With the depreciation of the pound, hotels, plane tickets and shopping are all much cheaper."

According to the online news portal, China's biggest online travel agency - is capitalising on the surge in interest by handing out flyers with a dancing, winking figure in a Union Jack t-shirt, under the slogan, "Brexit: travel on the drop". In the background, a weeping figure in a European Union flag waves "bye". 

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