China-Britain Film Festival Comes to London


The China-Britain Film Festival is currently underway in London. 

The event aims to boost ties between the Chinese and British film industries by showcasing a catalogue of exciting and diverse China-related films. 

The Festival began in 2013, originally as The China International Film Festival London. Though the name was soon dropped when the focus of the initiative was to strengthen ties between Britain and China. 

Eleven popular Chinese films will be screened in various theatres around London, including "Mr. Six," "Monkey King: Hero is Back" and "Chongqing Hot Pot."

Chinese actress Yan Bingyan is a jury member at this year's film festival, according to CRI English.

"Actually, this event represents communication. Thorough this film festival, English audiences will get to know what kind of films are popular in China and Chinese people will get an idea of what the film industry is like in England."

The UK's turn to host a screening week will take place in China in November.



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