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China once again hits out at South China Sea arbitration

CHINA July 13, 2016

China has yet again slammed the Permanent Court of Arbitration, accusing it of acting as “a mouthpiece of certain groups” in the case between China and the Philippines. The Hague court is expected on July 12 to announce its...



​China to conduct military drill in South China Sea ahead of Hague ruling

CHINA July 12, 2016

China has announced plans to conduct a military drill in the South China Sea, just days before an international arbitration court prepares to deliver a ruling on China’s claims in the area. The drills will be held from July 5 to...



China photo of the day: Lazy day

CHINA July 11, 2016

Staring out from beneath his furry brow, an adorable giant panda cub looks a little bemused as he relaxes on June 29 in the Wolong National Nature Reserve in China's Sichuan Province. The panda cub, named Zhang Meng, is curren...



China lashes out at South China Sea arbitration case

CHINA July 10, 2016

China has slammed the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the Philippines after the court announced on Wednesday that it would deliver a ruling on China’s claims to large swathes of the South China Sea on July 12.Hong Lei, spokes...



Poland to issue 'panda bonds' in China

CHINA July 08, 2016

Poland is set to become the first European nation to issue yuan-denominated debt in China. Poland's Ministry of Finance has signed a deal with the Bank of China to issue 3 billion yuan (452 million US dollars) worth of panda...


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